Daily prompt – City Planners


Today’s prompt asks

If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited — a building, a cultural institution, a common street food, etc. — and bring it back to your own hometown, what would it be?


I grew up in Chile, Iquique where there were beaches that stretched for miles upon miles, there was never really a crowd that would take up too much space. You could always find another spot a few steps in either direction and still enjoy the waves crashing against the sand. Back in my childhood years the waters were always so clear blue, Every so often  you could even see life trying to desperately catch the next wave back out. I miss that, then there’s the mountain in the photo above made completely out of sand. I used to slide down that mountain with a cardboard box on the weekends with my cousins. Mind you, back in the early 80’s there was barely even half the city from what you see now, Life really has flourished and economy certainly has picked up since the days of president Pinochet, Ah how I wish we had that here in Vancouver :)


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  1. I can certainly understand why you’d miss such a place and want to duplicate it :-) It seems pretty great, even with all the changes that might have occurred during the years.

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  3. ohhhhh it’s SO fun!! the sand is super soft despite the sheer size of the mountain, It’s like sliding down soft snow and you go pretty darn fast :) they call it cerro dragon :)

    crazy fact for you though, in the past you had to drive a good 40+ minutes out of town to get there, now Iquique is a city and it grew towards it :D

    • I haven’t been back since 1985 but I’m sure that the whole experience has changed, I mean the bottom of the mountain used to be just a freeway that took you to the town of Arica and the airport, now it’s a street and condos. So, it takes away the experience some sigh!

      Can’t say I ever seen iguanas or sand snakes but, you’re so right! If an iguana had been around chances are I’d either have brought it home with me or taken it for a ride lol :)

    • Thank you! the picture isn’t mine though, came from Google :)

      I was so loving it listening to all the greatest hits that managed to reach us, Even the most amazing voice too of Julio Iglesias :)

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  5. The expansion of areas never ceases to amaze me. Where I grew up in Australia we were completely surrounded by cane-fields. Yet now, it’s all subdivisions, SUCH a different outlook…

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