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When one’s worth can be set in numbers


It’s a sad thing, when some people think they are too perfect or too full of themselves to make the effort to simply greet or respond to someone who’s simply giving a friendly greeting, what is it that gives such level of arrogance to think they are worthy of being on such a high pedestal? is it based on how much someone has in terms of income or reputation now? i wonder at times what makes human nature fall so far, that the worth of man can be set in numbers. Am i the only one who feels this way? or am i being too selfish myself?

Being excluded – A blunt opinion


When people start to exclude you from certain conversations that you used to share with them, it’s time to realize that you no longer matter enough to them to treat you like a person.

Someone who’s true to you, will never give you any reason to think that you’re someone they can just toss to the side when your served your purpose. It’s sad, but people like these are the ones we all encounter in our lives. So, will you choose to let them walk all over you or cut them lose? they already did it to you after all.

The ones that matter


If ever asked what I thought was the biggest lesson in life always ignored, I’d have to say knowing who matters to us in the end are the ones who are always there for us through it all, Compared to the ones that were always chasing after their own dreams and ambitions, to really care. Imagine how easily one forgets that huh?