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How well people play their act


The worst part about giving someone everything that you are, is that you think they will care about you enough to give you the same thoughts. But, then they show you that all along it was always about them and they already got everything they needed from you. At the realization of this, it often feels like you are just hanging off a cliff and all they are doing is walking away and smiling. Ironic isn’t it? how well some people play their act.

When all is said and heart listens


Never letting go..

When all the words have been said..all the feelings expressed..all the joy laughed..all the sadness shared..remember this moment because this is when you realize..that you finally found the one..the one person in your life who has shown you the deepest parts of you that you never though existed..the one who will always know how you feel long before you say anything..hold them close and don’t ever give up when things don’t work out..because they never did..

The thing about pain


Pain isn’t just an emotion, it also teaches us the reasons why we feel the way we do about someone. It reminds us how heartless people can be, without the feeling of pain we would never realize that we can do better.

Ironically, the ones that inflict pain upon us, are often the ones we are trying to receive love from. Funny how that works isn’t it?

Perfect was always on front of them


I’ll never understand, so many people I’ve met in my life always told me that I’m not good enough, that either I’m not financially stable enough or that I am simply not the perfect guy for them.

Really though, what is perfect? everyone has something that the other wishes they had, isn’t that what makes us all unique to one another? I would like to think

Having said that, you know what I say to those who seek their idea of a. perfect love? I say that what they seek has always been right on front of them, someone perfectly unique in their own way.