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How well people play their act


The worst part about giving someone everything that you are, is that you think they will care about you enough to give you the same thoughts. But, then they show you that all along it was always about them and they already got everything they needed from you. At the realization of this, it often feels like you are just hanging off a cliff and all they are doing is walking away and smiling. Ironic isn’t it? how well some people play their act.

Choose the right path


The trouble with listening, is we often choose to hear what we want. Rather than what we don’t want to hear, it’s a relief from the pain we are trying so hard to avoid. But, as long as a part of you knows that you have chosen a lie you will never be at peace. It will come right back somewhere down the road, so what will you choose? will you accept things the way they are or will you continue down a path that will only repeat itself? the choice is yours.

For some, it’s just their nature


We often meet someone who gives us the impression that they are interested, they give us that feeling of certainty making us think that we finally found the one.

Sadly, at the same time we forget that for some. It is in their nature to be the way they are, it soon after dawns on us that all the effort we put in was for nothing. Misunderstandings and false hope follows soon after and you wonder why you ever tried.

Save yourself the trouble of ending up in false hopes and painful disappointments, see how they are with others before you decide that they really feel that way about you first.