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A thought as I await..

In every story..

A hidden emotion..

In every word..

An untold truth..

In every pause..

A moment..

Waiting for you..




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The real monsters among us and a prayer

Man who beat stepdaughter to death loses his appeal.

I rarely step away from writing poetry and quotes, It is a passion of mine. But, after reading this article this morning I couldn’t focus on anything else. We often hear on the news about bank robberies and shootings and people losing their lives, It’s the sad reality of the world we live in. But, This is too much. The above article speaks about a step father who assaults his step daughter by beating her to death and prior to the murder he had burned the little girl with a cigarette lighter a number of times. 

The heart wrenching part though, Is despite being in agonizing pain after being burned. The little girl made her way to her mother’s bedroom. Knowing that her step father would be there, to tell her mother that she was in pain by saying ‘boo boo tummy” prior to collapsing on the ground. The little angel clearly braved her way to her mother hoping to find safety and comfort, but in doing so further aggrevated a ruptured vein in her body, that’s when she took her last breath and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

It’s amazing how much our legal system fails us here. I mean seriously, after his actions they still granted this coward a chance at an appeal? He assaulted a child who not only couldn’t fight back but holds no hate and only fear and curiosity. Yet, they granted him what? 5 minutes to make a pathetic defence that he only had grade 9 education and was only 22? sorry but, that’s not an argument. That’s a coward refusing to admit that he’s done something insanely monstrous. Now, I know I probably will sound out of line here but where is the mother in all this? where’s her statement? I pray and pray that the little angel has made her way back to heaven where she’s no longer suffering and true justice will be served upon the monster that took her life. 


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Yet Your Beauty Is Beyond Words I Can Describe..


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If life can’t give you what you want

If  life can’t give you what you want, then work at it. It’s all about going out there and grabbing hold with two hands, if you don’t at least try then how do you know if you ever had a chance to begin with? it’s something to think about the next time you might have a thought of what if and maybe if.

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