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Forgotten Yet Fulfilled..



A leaf falls

Once a part of life

Gliding to the ground

Wherever It may land

It’s journey complete

Forgotten in time..

Yet It’s life fulfilled..

-Andy1076 Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC

How Quickly It Fades..



Sometimes life reminds us how quickly we fade from one’s memory..No matter how much we shared or what promises were made..I suppose..This is what it means to have truly loved someone..When time has passed and we are the one who still remembers everything..


What Time Keeps



Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we had until we’ve lost it all..It is In these moments we are reminded..That time does not give back what it takes..Accept that everything has a reason..Both the good and bad so you will never know regret..


The night..





In the darkest of nights..You will never walk alone.. I will embrace you in my arms..The love we share will give us warmth..We don’t need the light..The love we share will show us the way..It does not matter the distance..For I wish only for this moment to truly last..