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Can you close your eyes..Yet..


Can you close your eyes..

Yet still see nothing..

Can you speak the words..

Yet forget them so soon..

Can you whisper my name..

Yet not remember..

The time when I said..

I will always love you..

Till the end of time..


Ever random wednesday thought


Sometimes we are reminded..Love isn’t about what we receive..But what we are willing to give..Unconditionally..It is the devotion in which every memory of every moment becomes a precious gift..Unlike any other..


A thought as I await..


In every story..

A hidden emotion..

In every word..

An untold truth..

In every pause..

A moment..

Waiting for you..



Show me the way..


Somewhere along the way..I lost my way to your heart but the love you shared remains in my soul now and forever..Always Keeping me true..Ever hoping..One day I may return to the place..Where I wish..Only to belong..