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In the night sky..making a wish for us..


If you look up above..when the stars are shining..and you are wondering if i am looking up as the same sky as you are..make a wish upon any of the stars above..know that i too am doing the same so somewhere along the way..we will be looking at the same star and making the same wish together..that our love will last no matter the long as the sky above shines in the day..and comforts us in the night..

Thank you!


Every so often, In a lifetime we are offered a glimpse into something truly amazing. Heart warming and ever grateful for, Today. I discover this through all of you, my friends and family who still visit my blog though I’ve been MIA, I am so truly grateful! I will be back soon with some new posts, Until then? thank you so much! ^_^


In The End You Healed Me..


I thought I could heal you..Show you the world you had yet to see..Instead..Over time..I found that it was my heart that needed to be saved..So..No matter how it ended I will eternally be grateful for the love you shared..