To Give You All..


For all the sadness you’ve felt..

I will bring back your smile..

For all the tears you’ve shed..

I will fill them with endless joy..

For all the pain you’ve endured..

I will give you only comfort..

For all the doubts you have..

I will give you unwavering love..

I wish only to give you all..

For your warmth heals my soul..


-Andy1076 Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC


Part of today’s daily prompt – Joy

Un-Edited poem – Across time


I have never known her name..Yet..Ever in my dreams..She still exists..A gentle beauty..Lost..Yet..Never out of reach..Until my eyes open to morning light..What is one’s soul..Truly..If not a wanderer..Across all of time..?

-Andy1076 Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC

*Part of today’s daily prompt absolute beauty

Like piano music..


We spend  days..Traversing through our emotions..From joy..To sadness..Courage..To fear..Doubts..To certainty..Like notes on a piano..We are composers..Of melodies..Sharing our dreams..With every beat of our hearts..

-Andy1076 Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC

* Apologies in advance to everyone for my missing your
posts, I can only check messages and read posts during
15 minute coffee breaks, so I miss a TON of stuff since
we are not allowed to use our phones at my new job :( 
* Part of today’s daily prompt 

Sorry everyone!


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