Image of you on my mind..



You need not ever ask..Why I wished for love to give us the chance..Nor why..I gave you my all when I’ve not yet felt your embrace..Just know that..Even if all I have is an image of you..In my mind..There has never been a more beautiful light..Than that in your eyes..Under a sunset sky..

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* I would attach this note, with flowers to the one I deeply love

** Part of today’s Daily post prompt secret admirer

Wordless Wednesday – Weaving through the city


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In this moment..


I could ask..Why I see you in my dreams this night..Maybe even discover the reasons..Why I still feel even after all this time..But..Nothing will bring me more peace..Than the chance to look in your eyes..Hear your voice..Just one more time..For it is only in those moments..I truly have the peace I try so hard to find..


*Rather than entertain yet another
unimaginative daily prompt I figured
I’d share this with you :) Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC