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Cutie Cameras’ amazing giveaway!


Aren’t they cute ^^

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Hi, all my beautiful girly girls (and handsome dudes!)

I hope you are having a wonderful start to this week so far. And if you’re not having a great one so far, here’s a way to make it better! Enter this amazing giveaway from my girl, Hilary over at Cutie Cameras!


This giveaway is full of handmade, beautiful items such as a four piece coaster set, a bracelet, a pair of vintage button earrings, and a pair of wood earrings, all made lovingly by an artist named Amanda. You can check out her Etsy store, ARO Handmade with Love





Isn’t everything so adorable and so neat?? I love shopping from Etsy stores, not only because you can find one of a kind pieces, but you get to meet talented artists as well! I like to think that WordPress is the Etsy of blogging. Our blogs are our “stores” and…

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Daily prompt: Relationship blunders

Today’s prompt asks

Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.

Uhm, really? is it me or is daily post starting to content? anyhow! Let’s see, worst blunder? must of been when I first met my ex at the workplace. I was absolutely crazy about her the first day I met her. Kind of like a cheesy 80′s movie moment when you are just absolutely dumbfounded, Anyways! When I had enough courage to ask her out we went out for lunch at a congee house and as eager as I was to make it memorable, I had forgotten to get some cash and figured this place would accept Interac, Turns out they didn’t and embarrasingly enough she took care of the bill. Not a good first impression! gah! The next day, She needed me to drive her to the dealership where her car was being serviced. It was the next city over, so okay after work I waited for her to finish her paperwork and we headed out, she picked up her car and we were ready to head out to a Japanese restaurant. But! sure enough, I accidentally left my wallet in my workplace drawer, dang it!! I thought. But! we managed a great meal in the end anyways! lol :D


Dragon roll – Sushi town Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC


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This is how you produce stop motion movies :)


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