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Time to get out of your comfort zone..


Life is filled with questions and commitments unfulfilled, instead of questions answered and commitments carried out. 

It’s all because of the lack of getting out of our comfort zones, why change anything when it still works right? well, why live one day at a time and be shackled to your feelings when you can look forward to better days ahead? just break free of your insecurities and fears, there’s a whole better world out there,You just haven’t yet seen it yet..

In the dark tunnel..


You can walk into a dark hallway and eventually find your way out when you set your mind to it..every part of you is searching for a way out and darkness becomes light..but..if you search for something that’s not there..you will always be travelling down the same path time and again..the path of loneliness and loss…given the choices..i trust you know what’s right..