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It is my end of the week..

It’s only Thursday, but since i’m off tomorrow. This will be my Friday, this week has probably been the most difficult. Not only did my coworker make his rumor even worse, but he has made me the devil and him the hero among a group of people. It was disappointing to see that they would rather side my coworker who is insanely hated by a number of departments in the building except one, but it has taught me a valuable lesson.

If people are willing to side with someone who is taking advantage of their trust, then what would that say about the people that i am trying to win the trust of? is it worth it? no, i guess it wouldn’t be would it? people who feel they can give me a chance to tell my side, are worth my effort and people who feel the need to shut me out without a chance aren’t worth it to me. Having said that, i leave it to god and prayfully the wisdom of those who are being fooled by a silver tongued snake.

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Posted by on August 18, 2011 in Blunt opinions


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