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After the long night..



Give me faith and I will show you life..Show me heart and I will give you warmth..Grant me time and I will show you eternity..These are the words she said..These..Are my whispers today..As I pray after the long night..Awaiting the day we may share once again this light..


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I became part of time


Time passed us by..we watched the world flow around us and saw ourselves as we were around them..just strangers passing by each other until fate decides to entwine our lives together..nothing mattered at that point long as we were together..

Then..one day as though a cruel joke by the hand of fate..I found myself among those same people we watched together..strangers again..when were you no longer in my life..how did I get here..when did you leave..why do I feel this void I’ll never know…i do know this..i’d give anything to remember that one day..that one memory..that one dream again..