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Sorting out your feelings saves you a heartache in the end


Burying your feelings. Is like burying a rock on the ground and walking away hoping you won’t remember where it is again, but somewhere down the road you will return to the place where it all started. Chances are, when that day comes you’ll bump into it and it will all come back to you, it would be better. To sort the feelings out no matter how much it hurts, at least this way if you face it again you will know you’ve done your best. 

If it’s company you don’t wish..




If it’s space you need i’ll can give you all the space you need to breathe..if it’s silence you seek then i won’t say a word until you are ready to speak again..if it’s strength you seek i will always remind you that it’s already within you..if it’s love i will remind you that it is you from whom i draw the beauty of love from..if it is the company you no longer seek though..then you have but to say and i will leave you as you wish..i would rather know if this is what you want..rather than waiting behind to see if it will matter if i do..