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Random Thought


Life, It is never ending challenges. One after another, We are constantly pushed to the breaking point. Each time, shaping and reminding us we can handle what’s yet to come.



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The Journey


It doesn’t matter how the story ends..Long as you hold on to what you’ve discovered along the way.. This is the true reason why we desire to be loved..When someone not only heals our broken soul but also shows us the parts of our life we never knew we had..

- Andy1076


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Take it all with you or i won’t forget..

If you want to forget everything that was..go ahead and head down that road..but not until you take all the memories I’ve had with I may also be at peace..if you can’t do this then at least take the feelings with you so I may remember where I was before I met you..if you can’t take the feelings with you then take the time that I spent with that we can both return to our own lives..if you can’t take any of these with you then don’t ask me to stop loving you..I can’t as long as you’re leaving me with a part of you..


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Sorting out your feelings saves you a heartache in the end

Burying your feelings. Is like burying a rock on the ground and walking away hoping you won’t remember where it is again, but somewhere down the road you will return to the place where it all started. Chances are, when that day comes you’ll bump into it and it will all come back to you, it would be better. To sort the feelings out no matter how much it hurts, at least this way if you face it again you will know you’ve done your best. 

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