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Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts


The daily post’s challenge for this week is “Lunch posts“. 


The blessing of an angel’s love..Begins the moment they open their eyes..As they peer into our souls and set our hearts free..For the very first time..

For my lunch post, After reading some great posts that also relate to a single parent like myself. What can I say, besides what I think about during my lunch at work lately.

Before I started putting in more hours. I used to rush to the food court at the nearby mall on my days off, Grab some of my daughter’s favorite sushi and head over to the school to surprise her. There’s just no comparison to the feeling of joy I feel when I see her big smile and cheers about having a great meal, without having to wait till the weekend to share with me. Other times, I would simply pop by and sit down with her during recess at her elementary school just to catch up. Sure, you get the occasional kids who would make a remark but you know what? that’s fine because so long as I remind my little lady that I am there for her? everything else seems trivial. After all, Time moves too fast and I want to treasure every minute I can. :)

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Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be


Today’s daily prompt asks ” Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped

photo (9)

This brings me back to the day I took my daughter out for her first actual hangout with a friend she’d known since grade three to Playland. Our local amusement park, It is rather expensive. But it was worth it in my opinion to see my daughter and her friend glow in joy, They had a great time together.

Yet, at the same time it was a reminder. That she was growing up fast and soon won’t be needing me to take her places, I figured I’d make the best of it by not only joining in the fun but also taking them to their favorite dinner too. Kind of a toast, to friendship and growing up. It was great, to talk to them together and understand what it is they want to become when they grew up, when they asked me what I wanted. I told them I wanted to be a professional photographer and take photos as far as the corners of the earth, they giggled and said I was silly.

It was adorable, After dinner I figured I’d take them for a little afternoon stroll since the air was crisp and fresh even for a hot summer afternoon. So, off we went with the promise of nice cold ice cream at the end of it. Then, the most amazing thing happened. The clouds begun to break and gave way for this glorious photograph you see up top, The girls were awestruck and I told them “See what happens when you stay true to your dreams? they become real. Just look at how beautiful it is and i’m taking a picture of it with my phone” when we each had our ice cream cones walking back to my daughter’s friend’s place, They were open to listening to places I planned to go first, It’s a day I’ll never forget. :) 

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot and Quote Challenge: Feel


photo (7)

The most blessing..A parent receives..Is not just the miracle of life but..The wonder of how beautiful the world must be..Through an angel’s touch..


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The invisible red thread


Sometimes..We take some things for granted so much..We don’t realize there are those..who have not even dreamed it existed..Let alone ever wanted..


The inspiration: My daughter and I watched a documentary one hour movie called the invisible red thread. Though the show was only one hour, It gave me an opportunity to teach my daughter a lesson on how much she has to be grateful for, With the life that she has here in the western world. We have access to running tap water and mass transit, as well as schools with doors and some with a/c plus heater, there are a great many things that most people have no access to. If you get a chance, please take a look at the website here. It’s a really well done documentary and absolutely beautiful :)

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