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The wandering poet is on hiatus till..



In life..There is no brighter light than those of the beautiful souls..That have never let you lose your way..

Hi Everyone, this may be dejavu but I thought I’d let you know that after today, with great sadness I will be taking a step away from writing, I’ve tried to write while working 16 hours between two jobs but now work is picking up, so I can’t find the time anymore :'(

I also apologize for this in advance, but I will putting the blog on private. To protect the works that are still being pilfered by certain drive by individuals, I hope  I will find the time to write in the future again. Thank you from my daughter and I for being such an amazing supportive family, wish you all the best in all your goals! : ) : )


*Thanks to the awesome support from everyone I’ll keep the blog open and write when things finally quiet down a few months from now (crossing fingers) thanks again! :)

Weekly photo challenge – In between



The bridge that lies between me and the path into the light..



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Daily post photo challenge – Split second story




In every moment..

Time passing by..

With every thought..

Emotions speak through the heart..

A story begins..

Just as another ends..

Time and again…


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A journey begins..proud eagle..

From above the waterfall..
A feather falls..
From once proud wings..
Through the fields below..
Carried across..
By humble prairie breeze
soaring the distance..
Past the tallest hills..
Dancing with the wind..
It’s destination untold..
Until it rests at last..
Upon an embracing stream..
It’s journey coming to end..
Once seen by his mate..
As she catches his scent..
Her wings proudly spread..
Upon the heavens she soars so high..
Yet another feather falls from the sky..
Another journey begins once more..
Like all the hearts..
Who learn to love again..

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*Part of today’s daily prompt theme: Smitten since I can’t think of anything I figured I’d submit this piece, it’s something new I’ve never done. Hope you’ll enjoy and happy Valentines everyone! ^.^

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