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Before You Speak..



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If life can’t give you what you want

If  life can’t give you what you want, then work at it. It’s all about going out there and grabbing hold with two hands, if you don’t at least try then how do you know if you ever had a chance to begin with? it’s something to think about the next time you might have a thought of what if and maybe if.

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Posted by on September 13, 2011 in Moments of thought


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Take it all with you or i won’t forget..

If you want to forget everything that was..go ahead and head down that road..but not until you take all the memories I’ve had with I may also be at peace..if you can’t do this then at least take the feelings with you so I may remember where I was before I met you..if you can’t take the feelings with you then take the time that I spent with that we can both return to our own lives..if you can’t take any of these with you then don’t ask me to stop loving you..I can’t as long as you’re leaving me with a part of you..


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There’s no exact formula to love

There’s no almost or even an exact formula to love. There’s just right, because love will always provide you with just the right amount of reason to fall in love with the one you never though you would. The rest, is up to you.


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