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DP Prompt – As a new story begins..


As we come to the end of this story..Another soon begins..Not with words..Nor with thoughts..Jus..The deepest feelings guiding our hearts..So we may share the best of what’s to come..A new beginning..


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To Give You All..


For all the sadness you’ve felt..

I will bring back your smile..

For all the tears you’ve shed..

I will fill them with endless joy..

For all the pain you’ve endured..

I will give you only comfort..

For all the doubts you have..

I will give you unwavering love..

I wish only to give you all..

For your warmth heals my soul..



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Part of today’s daily prompt – Joy

After the long night..



Give me faith and I will show you life..Show me heart and I will give you warmth..Grant me time and I will show you eternity..These are the words she said..These..Are my whispers today..As I pray after the long night..Awaiting the day we may share once again this light..


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I Can Only Give You..


I can’t give you wealth..

I can only promise endless love..

I can’t give you all the world..

I can only promise you endless joy..

I can’t give you all the things you wish..

I can only promise you are all my heart desires..

Yo be..


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