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Cee’s fun foto challenge: Found in nature


This week’s theme in Cee’s fun foto challenge is what is found in nature. My absolute favorite since I spend a ton of time photographing exactly that, The possibilities of what one can capture are absolutely limitless. 


I found this little scoundrel back during the summer at Stanley park lookout point when I was just enjoying a cup of coffee, Here I was just minding my own business and looking into my camera to see what I captured when this bandit showed up. Didn’t do much more than just sit there with his friends, I’m saving the photo of those others for a future post  :) 


Another subject that I like to take pictures of, Is photos like these. It’s at a waterfall in Hope, BC. I had to walk up the stream in my sandals and believe me! Within a few short minutes I could barely feel my toes cause it was so dang cold. But! It was soooo worth it! 

photo (10)

Some of you might know this. But, I am a huge fan of raindrops. After every heavy rainfall I have a love for running outside with both my Samsung S3 and my Sony point and shoot to take as many photos as possible, Some. I edit, others like this one I just vignetted. These leaves spoke to me the moment I saw them and I knew that I had to capture it. 

I hope you enjoyed these, I could go on forever lol! But, To be honest I’ve been a little nervous about sharing them. A few months ago, I had at least 5 people crop my photos and claimed their own, In some cases even my poems were stolen. I’ve sent them (They know they are) prepared legal notices to cease and desist or else face the wrath of both myself and the courts. Because, I plan to publish these plus many more in an Ebook sometime this year. Thank you for viewing and listening to my rant (lol) everyone! ^.^/

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Daily prompt: Mirror Mirror

photo (11)

A still bog reflecting back at the trees as though reminding it where it stands

Today’s daily prompt asks ” Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?

One has to wonder, Does everyone really reveal on the surface of what they feel on the inside? we live in a world where everything we say or do will either be judged, even when we simply speak what’s on our mind. 

But! I won’t avoid the question, I do show on the surface what I feel on the inside. It is who I am so why hide it right? 

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