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The hardest thing




The hardest part of getting over a relationship, isn’t forgetting everything that had happened. That happens all on it’s own, the difficult part. Is, watching the one who used to love you give everything away to someone else right before your eyes. It’s amazing, how people are so good at switching off their feelings selectively. I wish i could do the same, then maybe i could stop wasting time on people like that wouldn’t i?

What a week!



Wow, what a week! where to start?? another emotional roller coaster? yes it was! sorting out some things with someone that was once close to me hasn’t been the easiest, it’s always hard when you have given so much only to end up rock bottom at the end of it all. But, thanks to really sweet and supportive friends I’ve gotten through the worst of it! i love how you have all been so supportive in reading my posts and cheering me on :) thank you so much! :) 

I’m so grateful that i gotten through this week on a positive note, it keeps my spirits up and lasts me through the nights until i am with my sweet angel. She gives me strength that also heals me, i’m so blessed to be the a father to such a beautiful child :) can’t wait to see her in the morning and share stories about her week :) so i’ll be posting a little less to spend more time with her, but i will post more again Sunday evening! have a great weekend everyone :)

Raise your standards


Don’t blame people for the relationships that haven’t worked out for you..they were being exactly how they have always been all their lives..you can’t blame them for being themselves..don’t blame yourself either because everyone finds themselves in the wrong relationship sooner or later..instead try to look inside yourself and you will understand that you need to make better choices..that starts when you raise your own standards before you can find someone that really is meant to receive all of your love..