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Thank you for the reminder


You can have your heart of ice back

Thank you for reminding me the reason why i had forgotten about you..at least now i remember why i felt such peace..when i was no longer trying to figure out why every move ended in mockery..why every thought ended in an insult..why every affection ended with the cold chill of your hearty laughter..now i know..what it is that i’ve been missing all along..it wasn’t you..it was the reminder why i should of always kept going forward

Random insomnia thoughts


So, i got another stupid cold again. This is the third time in the last 4 months and it’s driving me crazy, either someone at work is spreading his germs all over the place or i just seem to have really bad luck! i don’t even know how i got this, woke up with a bit of a fever and driving has been a little pain in the butt because i feel like my head’s been stuffed to the rim with cotton balls.

All the while, here i am also learning yet another lesson. That yet again, i am proven the same thing again and again. My newest sweet friends immediately wonder how i’m doing and that i should see the doc, meanwhile a couple of people are just screaming into twitter like as if wielding a blow horn begging for attention. Then when i say hello i get a short cold reply “Hello.” now as to why i wasted that kind of time? is beyond me, can i have it back please? say about 5 seconds of my life that i just wasted?? why does life always have to include such self serving and attention craving people? is there a way to really filter out certain people i meet and tell right off from the start how they really are? would be nice wouldn’t it?

How well people play their act


The worst part about giving someone everything that you are, is that you think they will care about you enough to give you the same thoughts. But, then they show you that all along it was always about them and they already got everything they needed from you. At the realization of this, it often feels like you are just hanging off a cliff and all they are doing is walking away and smiling. Ironic isn’t it? how well some people play their act.

When one’s worth can be set in numbers


It’s a sad thing, when some people think they are too perfect or too full of themselves to make the effort to simply greet or respond to someone who’s simply giving a friendly greeting, what is it that gives such level of arrogance to think they are worthy of being on such a high pedestal? is it based on how much someone has in terms of income or reputation now? i wonder at times what makes human nature fall so far, that the worth of man can be set in numbers. Am i the only one who feels this way? or am i being too selfish myself?