Be careful who you trust..


I’ve never been so angry in my life since the court battles, I went to the store to try to redeem myself on front of Ronda for something that isn’t my fault. For those who don’t know the story, Roger a coworker of mine told Ronda out of the blue one day that I was stalking her on the CCTV cameras ( I work contract security for the building ). Even though I never did and has put me in a bad situation where not only do i risk being accused of harassment but caused me to lose my reputation with the employees within the store itself.

Thing is Roger is a 45 year old ‘ish man who had been employed with the building for a few years now and has taken a liking to girls at the store who are in their early 20’s and talks about how he wants to fulfill his fantasies every time he comes back to the office. Anyways, over time he’s taken more effort into being at the store than doing his job at this building. Spending upwards from half hour to an hour and a half knowing there’s no threat of losing the girls to anyone. So, over time Ronda seems to have told one girl about how I’m a stalker etc and that went from one girl to another to another, so! I waited for a chance for Roger to go on his vacation so I could settle things straight with Ronda. But, she seems fixed on the fact that I’m a stalker. So fearful of me that she won’t even look at me in the eye! yet I’m a perfect gentleman to everyone. I show respect to all the employees and been polite to them no matter how anyone does to me. I don’t think there’s anyone in the building outside to the store who doesn’t like me, but I suppose rumors do spread like wildfire so maybe I should make a formal complaint to the boss because the entire store is fearful of me, based on the words of a damn rat faced backstabber who keeps feeding the girls at the store that I’m evil and unstable. Be careful who you trust, people have a tendency to turn on you when they are afraid to lose something they value.

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