Selfish people – A rant


What is it that makes selfish people the way they are? is it their lashing out at the world for not getting what they want? if that’s the case, what do you do about these people? do you ignore them and hope they will get the hint or do you face them and do the exact thing that feeds their intention? i’m so sick and tired of dealing with people who put their ambitions first, from having to work 4 days with a rat of a coworker to the helicopter that’s outside my apartment hovering daily taking pictures non stop all the while annoying an entire apartment with all the vibrations from the rotors.

I wonder, at what point did these selfish people decide that what they do is acceptable and at what point did these people lose their morals? i’ll never understand how amazingly self serving some people can be, i believe in karma and all but it wouldn’t hurt for karma to teach these people a lesson.

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      • Yeah, my advice is stay in Canada, unfortunately (for me and, frankly, my country-men and -women; we have maintained this illusion that we were welcoming and I’d like to still believe most of us are in the U.S.). But I know you love it in Canada, so it’s all good from that angle. Sorry for my mini-rant, too. Have a fantastic weekend in the gorgeous north, Andy!

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