Everything falls into place on it’s own


A few minutes ago, I saw a couple outside who were touring Vancouver all the way from Spain. They were trying to figure out a way to get to the team store, they didn’t speak english well and so me being fluent in Spanish I directed them.

Upon entering the store we had a chat in Spanish about the building, they asked if they could look inside etc. All the while we are doing this a couple of girls from the store were confused about what I was saying, but I was polite to them inquiring about the tour pricing etc for the tourists and translating. I guess I’m not as much a monster that I was painted to be was I? within a few minutes we were off, the guests absolutely loved the building and took tons of pictures. They had a blast!

After the tour I brought them back to the store to let them shop some more, as I opened the door though Ronda was again ready to bolt away from me. I opened the door for her as she motioned towards it and simply greeted hello, I guess I’ll never win her trust as long as she believes what my backstabbing coworker says about me but. My conscience is clear and I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m grateful about god giving me the chance to show at least two of the girls at the store that I can be a decent guy.

I guess what I’m saying is, life can be cruel and incredibly unfair but if you have the patience? good things will come your way.


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Disclaimer & Such.. All posts within this blog including pictures are solely my own creations unless otherwise stated, such as YouTube music. I take pride in my own creations and my own writing. Having said that, please bare in mind that all posts are written in general. Meaning not intended directly at anybody, Any names used are purely by coincidence and not intended directly at anyone. Any further questions? please feel free to contact me by email, otherwise? enjoy your visit :)

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