If I could forget feelings


It’s easy, to fall for someone who you think cared enough about you to let you into their life. Until you start to see how they are with others, yet the moment you say something of the like. You become disliked in an instant,yet you still see something in them. What is it? can you describe it? it can’t be hope when you clearly have been forgotten could it?

How I long to forget, if I could forget my feelings. Then I would at least take solace in knowing, that I too can move on with my life. Without pain and without regret, much in the same way I was forgotten by her. How much easier, that would be and how much happier it would make her too, but what would that make me?


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Disclaimer & Such.. All posts within this blog including pictures are solely my own creations unless otherwise stated, such as YouTube music. I take pride in my own creations and my own writing. Having said that, please bare in mind that all posts are written in general. Meaning not intended directly at anybody, Any names used are purely by coincidence and not intended directly at anyone. Any further questions? please feel free to contact me by email, otherwise? enjoy your visit :)

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