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The Garden of Akivasha

Kaylyn bears them. This is a true story as experienced tonight by my family and myself, events beginning shortly after midnight. After spending a pleasant evening making spider-webbed body parts and stretching web for a large spider’s nest for Halloween, assembling a coffin and watching both IT and Christine and really enjoying it all, Neko and Kaylyn, my girls, both 15, rose to tend to the foster kitties we have as they do every night at bedtime. These are wonderful gentle kitties and we’ve had them since they were about six weeks old. They tend to hang in the girl’s room with them where they are very loved and spoiled with a seven foot tall, two room, six perch cat tree, scratchy posts, toys and treats and best of all, much affection. The girls love having what they call their “crazy cat lady room”. When homes couldn’t be found for…

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Eternally yours..



In your darkest hours..I will be your light..When the rain falls..I’ll be your shelter..My love..For you..As eternal..As time itself..Ever present..Never wavering..

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