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Random random! read all about it! random question!




Alright, So this is yet another unusual post I am making. But, anyone here know any good suggestions for over the ear headphones? with active noise cancellation? I’m looking at the Parrot Zik  but I am also looking for something that will go with my jogging at a closed track environment. Any ideas? 🙂 




From whispers of the stars..

She called upon me..

From radiance of the moonlight..

She woke my soul..

From her soft loving voice..

She warmed my heart..

Once made of ice..

Back to life..



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A Dedication..So you may remember..


On this night..I walk under the heavens..In the light of the ever fading moon..Carrying our memories in my heart…Through the mists of time..Searching for a way back..To you..So you may remember what we once were..Who I once was..In your starlit eyes..

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