Ever waiting..


So many unfinished songs..

To write with you..

So many unfinished poems..

To share with you..

So many wishes made..

Starting with you..

Won’t you join me..

Eternal love..

Of my heart..


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  1. you write such heart-felt thoughts
    this is a beautiful one Andy…as it feels like the breath between each note of your music…
    Thank you for sharing and for still being here….
    Take care…You Matter…

    • It is sweet supportive friends like you, Maryrose that keep me going and keep me strong enough to endure the recent chain of events and pick up the pen again, Thank you Maryrose… πŸ™‚

      • and the fact that it is your blood to write..
        a good combination I do believe!
        You’re welcome, I always feel your thoughts are so
        real …
        I enjoy someone being exactly who the show themselves to be….
        Have a good night Andy…

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