Vancouver german christmas market Part one


A couple or so weeks ago, I introduced to you the Yaletown christmas market. Today, Though. I would like to take you to the Vancouver german christmas market. I apologize if the photos aren’t the best, not only did my daughter and I visit as the sun was going down, but today the windchill was -15 degrees celsius. The lack of heat sources in the area didn’t help either ugh! lol


The best part of the market is the handcrafted art

A pleasant surprise I found though, was the appearance of the Rotato.  What is it you ask? well, Imagine putting a bunch of fried pringle chips together and putting a toothpick through it, that’s what you get! a delicious stick of oily yummers!


Meditation over which rotato to start with first

Normally you would see something like this at a chinese night market, Held a month or so before end of September, It’s usually crispy and warm. But, yeah weather was so cold it cooled off within seconds yipes! so onto the next food stand we went. Can you guess what it was?


What? I like these lol 

If you guessed pretzel? you got it! Look at the size of this thing! yeah, It’s ugly but they make up for it with taste at least, right amount of sea salt and not chewy nor hard makes it just right. At least, that’s how I like it anyways lol! so while I am munching away on this giant treat, We decided to look at what else was available. I took a number of pictures with my Samsung galaxy S3. Which works poorly in low light conditions and most of my photos are in my camera’s memory card which I will write an update on, once i get my memory card reader replaced. Now, I don’t know why but these caught my attention.


Ring a ling a ling?

Yep, I’m a huge fan of arts and crafts. Art like these, make lining up in the dang cold so worth it! I am a huge supporter of crafts from other parts of the world. It’s so beautiful! oh and what’s another thing I am a supporter of? well, this! 


Haxen on a bun

Now, some of you might be wondering what on earth is this monstrous sandwich? well, they call it Haxen on a bun. Pulled pork slapped on the sandwich then layered with saurkraut. It tastes absolutely amazing, the pork is so buttery it practically melts in your mouth! Yum! so, what do you do after eating something like this? well, after pondering how much i am going to pay for this at the gym the next day? I decided to go for the next proper dessert. 


Belgian waffle

That’s right! belgian waffle layered with whip cream and tons of chocolate syrup, again sorry about the lighting. I tried to polish the photo with Snapseed but that just ruined the photo and again the eating areas had little to no light posts for proper photography 😦 I will upload the ones form my camera soon. But! before I end this part of the two part post, I would like to introduce you to a little something I fell in love with at the market that I had to get, it’s a present I am gifting for christmas.


Cute right?? It’s a little wind tower, How it works. Is you can put little teacup candles in the vicinity and the warm air will turn the wheel up top, creating kind of a draft which makes the bunnies turn around and around. The market has an enclosed area which displays TONS of these, some even the size of a desk with all sorts of gizmos but recently they seemed to have banned photography, silly really. Just imagine how much publicity they could of gained with all the photos everyone would take, there were other bloggers that I could see and hear at the market too. So! this concludes the first part of my two part post! I hope you enjoyed 🙂 



OH! did I forget to mention? I had  käsespätzle? They place the delicious spaghetti in the container, then use a flame brule like torch to melt the cheese on top of sliced ham, so good! ^.^ Registered & Protected<br />

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  1. First of all congratulation on braving the frozen tundra of QE. Secondly, I like the “Wandering Poet” name, thirdly that’s a lot of food. I hope you shared it with your daughter.

    • Oof was it ever frozen! Yep my daughter and I shared lots, I just usually try a little of everything for taste 🙂

      Happy you like the new title! my blog tends to veer from stories lol

  2. -15 degrees? Umm, thank you for reminding me why we moved to Florida (since I normally don’t like it here other than in January, February & March). That pulled pork looked like ham. The waffle was calling my name. I just went to a theme park with my family and they had waffles dipped in chocolate on a stick. I should’ve taken a photo. Thanks for sharing your colorful and cold day.

  3. you made me miss Germany!
    I miss the food most! especially gummy bears!
    wonderful photos, (surprised your camera worked in that cold)
    Take Care You Matter….

  4. wow…what an awesome adventure you took us on Andy…looks like a great time was had by all! Fabulous crafts, delicious food and family…what more could you ask for?

  5. Hi Andy, I see that you’ve thawed out your poetic fingers. I love all the yummy pics, I’m now salivating. I just want to grab that Rotato outta your daughter’s precious little fingers!
    What are those dolls inside the dolls inside the dolls called??
    Please refrain from posting food items (lol)…I’m getting fat just looking. I would lick the screen of my laptop but, thankfully, it’s a tad dusty!!!
    I’m really enjoying learning about you and your German culture. 🙂

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