Re-Post response to today’s daily prompt ‘ Teacher’s pet ‘


This is the first time I’m doing one of these daily blog events, Never seemed to have something to write about it lol! But, without much ado? as the saying goes! The daily prompt asks the following.

” When you were five years old, who was your hero? What do you think of that person today?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us a HERO. ”Β 

Alright, So. My Hero when I was five, Well. When I was five I was in Chile, Iquique’s elementary school. On my first few years I had a difficult time fitting in, Having moved to a latin country from Taiwan made us a VERY visible minority in the early 80’s. In many cases, we had either theft attempts at our own home by people who thought we were somehow wealthy or something. President Pinochet didn’t make things easy for everyone either, But if there was ever one person who made my life there possible?

I have to say it was Mrs. Rosa My absolute hero. The first day she saw my sister and I walk into the classroom, two little asian children looking completely lost. She welcomed us with open arms, I still remember how much joy she brought to me. In recess, she always looked out for me and whenever I was sad or lonely. She would always try her hardest to let me know she cared, Keep in mind. That I didn’t know how to speak Spanish very well at that age, But. Somehow she just knew. She had this natural ability, To just put her hand on someone’s shoulder and comfort with just a smile. I remember, how she would stay later at school long after the students left to further reinforce my speaking skills. Without her coaching me, I would of continued to be lost. But, she didn’t just take care of my sister and I in school, she even invited us over to her place for Christmas and her home for dinner often.

My fondest memory, was one evening we were visiting her at her place on Christmas eve. When we suddenly heard bells go off, Someone from her family had hung presents on the tree outside. Since our part of Chile was super arid, We barely got any rain let alone snow so this to her was considered a Christmas tree. She had given us so much, Yet never asked for anything in return. She was just that beautiful, A few years after that though my parents decided we were to move up to Vancouver, Canada. But, A couple of weeks before we left she gave my sister and I both english names. My current one in fact, She said that it would be a name that I would remember made by her. I miss those days, Truly do. Especially, how radiant she looked in her wedding dress and how she said she’d always remember us and how I was her little gentleman. Wherever she is now, I want to let her know that I remember her too πŸ™‚



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  1. Ohhhh, this is the sweetest story. I can’t remember anything from when I was five years old. It’s way too far away for me. Heh. But how cool that your name is the one she gave to you. Have you ever thought of looking her up? It would be so great if she read this blog about her. She really made a difference in a boy’s life. Thank you for sharing this lovely story.

  2. It’s my favorite kind of hero, the one who can fill someone else’s heart and mind with love. It’s that simple.How great that you wrapped yourself up in the wonderful gift she offered you – and then shared the story with us. Beautiful!

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  6. Gosh I’m glad you entered this challenge. Mrs Rosa certainly was a hero. I am so curious as to why you moved to Chile from Taiwan particularly in the time of President Pinochet. You may have already written these stories but possibly another prompt? I’ll follow just in case you do write about it ( and also because the posts I’ve looked at are great.)

    • Thank you for following me and reading my older posts Irene! ^.^ You gave me a great idea for a post! It’s a very very long story as to why we ended up going to Chile and then Vancouver lol!

      In short, though Pinochet was a brutal dictator he tried to encourage economic growth within the country, making it easy for my dad to start a lucrative import / export business of motors and parts. We did great and manpower was never hard to find, since everyone was eager to earn a wage that would afford them at the very least bread and ham for the week. But, education was so slow that my mother was concerned for my future and that of my sister, so we ended up here in Vancouver and believe it or not? when we first arrived i barely knew any english! I so wished to be back to Chile by Mrs. Rosa’s side. 😦

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