Weekly photo challenge – In between



The bridge that lies between me and the path into the light..



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  1. Clever composition, the way one track becomes another and the light hits the distance. Your photographs always come with a story that I can imagine. Thanks for capturing so much life in the images you share.

  2. Hmm! we get Eagles,Geese,lots of ducks, A number of different birds and this is all within reach of the city center, crazy huh! oh and one time I saw some coyotes but they looked way way too skinny to be of any threat :S

    • Well, for a short time there was some weird deer migration going on and they started to travel into the city, they got pretty violent against people’s dogs etc so they were chased out, too bad really cause I really like them 😦

      • gah! definitely different from the ones here who are absolutely confused and angry cause we are intruding into their homes :O

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    • Thank you..! Early in the morning is the best time for walks there, air is still very fresh and hardly anyone so you don’t have to worry about being interrupted on that wooden path πŸ™‚

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  6. super cool the way the paved path meets the bridge and then how you grabbed a shot when the light was to the back – to go with the words – two thumbs up!

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