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Disclaimer & Such.. All posts within this blog including pictures are solely my own creations unless otherwise stated, such as YouTube music. I take pride in my own creations and my own writing. Having said that, please bare in mind that all posts are written in general. Meaning not intended directly at anybody, Any names used are purely by coincidence and not intended directly at anyone. Any further questions? please feel free to contact me by email, otherwise? enjoy your visit :)

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  3. That nature path looks like a fun hike. I like both shots a lot, but probably the dawn one the best. The color and perspective, as well as the foreground and the seeming different clouds going on in the background. There’s the thin ones on the left, then the fluffy cumulus (?) type mostly on the right. I suppose those could be smoke, however, which would give it an even new dimension; it would make me think of the contrast between “modern city” and “historical city” (modern: that cool little silver dome, the skyscrapers) versus steam (industrial age, railroads, factories, pollution unfortunately, etc.). Awesome work, Mr. Andy. Speaking of which, hope your jobs are going well! πŸ™‚

    • It’s really a great hike, The trail itself takes at least two hours at a steady pace to enjoy, though I normally take even longer cause I spend a lot of time taking photos lol

      Juggling between jobs has been tricky, but so worth it as I meet great new people to work with, while at the same time trying to find the time to write too πŸ˜€

  4. The last photo is gorgeous. Where was this taken? Funny, of all photographs, trees and clouds are my favourite. Just today I took some pictures of the sun peeking from behind this huge cloud. Clouds and trees are amazing.

  5. Great pics Andy….I liked it before but today again saw them as I was trawling through your creative wonders……….One Query Andy,How does one get this copy right thing ? What are we suppose to do ?

    • Oh you go to copyrighted.com and register your blog then from there you get a copyright seal which you then copy and paste it into the text tab of where you write your posts, the seal will pop right up, this way if anyone steals your work you have proof that you were the one who wrote it first πŸ™‚

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