Daily prompt – Secret Tunnel


Today’s daily prompt asks

You’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect your home with the location of your choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of your tunnel?

Well, here’s a repeat of a previous prompt. I remember there being one about. But! sure, I’ll play lol! If I had a tunnel to anywhere in the world? I would choose the maldives


I would then also choose a tunnel to all of Europe, It has always been my dream and I’ve yet to even come close to making it there. Sigh, Maybe if I win the lottery this year? Yeah.

download (1)

I would of course travel all of Asia as well, Will it be in a balloon? like Jules Verne did in his books? heh! wouldn’t that be awesome huh!


ps: I don’t own any of these photos, they are courtesy of google


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  1. This song is absolutely amazing!! Serene. It reminds me of a woman driving her car on a long road, top off, hat on, and a silk scarf flapping in the wind and her eyes narrowing and her mouth drawn into a smile as she sees her final destination on the edge of the horizon. It’s something you’ll find in a good drama

  2. If I a secret tunnel were to make
    I’d wind beneath the garden gate
    deep and deeper it would go
    until I reached furthest south
    – oh there’s snow
    turn this tunnel yet around
    maybe a place that no one’s found
    I turned a little to the left
    and back am I to my first steps…
    ~ moonie

    I love your tunnel and balloon ideas so nice to have options.
    Happy dreaming Andy…

  3. I love the music, the tunnel ideal ? not so much, I am claustrophobic 🙂
    good thoughts .
    Take Care….You Matter…

      • okay low slope though, because heights are not me either LOLs except in flying….

      • hmmm, well if it was a low slide the turns wouldn’t bother me LOLs…
        I was at Six Flags (many many many ) years ago and I was on what was then the tallest water slide, I was going so fast I had blisters on my hands from holding the sides… kind of makes me leary of slides now a days…
        but thats nice you would be nice to go easy LOLs

      • I am so envious! I’ve not even been there yet, not the one in Texas at all sigh! to think I happen to like rides that make me feel like it’s the last minute of my life lol 😀

      • my daughter and granddaughter are like that… 🙂
        I was years ago, now I enjoy wandering more slowly 🙂
        there are 2 Six Flags (technically) in Texas, Arlington, (the one I was at) and the one here in San Antonio…
        its called Fiesta Texas …..
        I go every once in a while…if I need to see the new landscaping LOLs…

      • New Landscaping? take it even your city is growing fast too eh? we are starting to see more and more skyscrapers here, geez you’d think they’d at least put ziplines between them 😛

      • San Antonio is growing, but not alot of skyscrapers,(well some, I don’t go into town very often, too many people) it just keeps spreading outwards…
        I love to ride the train around Fiesta Texas and look at all the landscapes ….though I have never seen any Faeries there… 🙂 too many humans I suspect

  4. I’d love to go to Europe as well. Maybe, I can borrow your tunnel every so often to visit the lovely places there. 🙂

    Although, I was really rooting for a portal. I think that it will be a shorter trip with a portal, just like the one in games. 🙂

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