Daily prompt – Robot


If I had a robot? I would choose one that would clean the house, Sure I do that daily but it would give me time to go out and take some more photos. Hardly enough hours a day right? Ah, if only!

On that note though? I’m tempted to buy one of those new phantom drones for aerial photography, especially when there’s so much nature to capture πŸ™‚

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  1. You clean house daily, Andy? I am impressed! My home is lucky to get the hoover treatment once a month – and as for polishing…well, let’s say it is not a priority! I think I did polish the furniture once – in 1999!

  2. My techie friend had a room a roomba…did not do so well with dog feces, clogged it up nice and made for some amusing photos trying to clean it up….roombas and incontinent dogs do not mix!!!

  3. I like to do things myself. There is rarely anything that I’d like a robot to do . . . driving, cleaning, working, drawing, writing, anything I can think of. Shopping even. πŸ™‚

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