DP prompt – Signs



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  1. The sky is so beautiful! And I love the contrast between the modern day city landscape and that timeless, somewhat surreal image of the sunrays piercing the clouds πŸ™‚ .

  2. well I also wanted to add that the entire composition is unique- you have tho spine harmony going on – with the lines from the parking lot spots, the lines on building to the left, then the lampposts anchoring the center of the shot – more lines to the side bridge – but not too much to pull from the left – and the pole form the sign is angled up and in such a way to provide a shape mirroring to the other half – giving it a feel of symmetry – and then amidst all these lines and harder objects we have the light beams – amidst delicate cloud layered sky – and upon deeper reflection one can see a small mountain top – off int he distant but not too far and within reach. and then for at least, then I soaked up another cool part about this shot – the center has its own sense of harmony and contrast – we have three building tops to the left (amidst the street lights) – and then in the water we have three square shapes reflected – with a blue hue – and they are adjacent to the building tops and provide visual balance- and then opposite the 3 building tops we have that tree line – where again the hard edges of tech becomes softened by nature – and then my eyes settled on the fence to the front – which is sitting low and again we find the pattern of threes – with the 3 small squares on the fences in the center –
    and not to overdo the critique here (but you know I like this one a lot) but there is also a playful feeling to the depth created by the two different type sod street posts – the street posts to the right are straight up with those little hats – whereas the left ones are arched or looked,w hcih evokes a different feel.

    Just a cool shot and a “sign” to all that you take some good photos amigo.

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