Random thought to today’s prompt


A few years ago, I heard a phrase that I didn’t understand fully, but it stayed with me for the longest time. It went “For every 10 steps you take forward, make sure you look back twice or else you’ll run into a wall and won’t find your way back”.

Sounds simple enough, right? yet how often have we done exactly the opposite? today’s prompt made me realize that it was yet again time to stop and reflect upon the past few weeks, see where I am now before I find myself in walking into yet another blind corner once again with no way back. Thank you for reading my ever random thought ^.^/

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  1. This was a great thought. And I think very important too. We can waste a lot of our lives if we do not often take account of our “steps”.

    I hope your day was beautiful, Andy πŸ™‚

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