DP Prompt – Wronged Objects


Today’s post freakishly asks

” If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology? ”

Okie so today we are talking about couches and tables with feelings? wha?? slightly Tim Burton’ish isn’t it? hum! I think the couch would be the one to apologize to most. I mean, it’s the one thing that everyone plops on and sometimes put feet on after a long day after all. Oof can you imagine what they must think when dogs go on top after a walk? yipes! oh and let’s not talk about their feelings after hot chilli (sic) is served for dinner, yups that would be my answer! how about you? :oP


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  1. Aah it definitely has to be my room as a whole, so messy ! 😀
    I’m so lazy you have no idea, I do a clean up after every semester ends…and that only because my mom threatens me! Lol

    But I love my room, my only solace ! ^.^

      • yeah, and the couch one is so good – laughing at the chili part – but you are right – the couch embraces so many plops and flops…. 🙂

      • well it is funny you should say that about the bums Andy, because right after I read your post, we watched a re-run of Monk – and these “bums” come to his house to ask for his detective help – and he won;t let them sit down – he says the “coup is broken” lol – no bums in his couch – literally – anyhow, it was funny to come back and read what you wrote…and here is a snap shot of the scene (notice the plastic wrap on the chairs)

      • hahah you are so funny – that is a great reply to this – I am still laughing – and yes, not just any bum can sit their bum on down…

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