Hungry Friday (chuckle)


Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to post for today’s prompt. So, I decided to share with you the yummy holidays I enjoyed on Christmas eve! Am I not thoughtful?? (grin)




We started off with a 7 pound turkey wrapped around bacon, This way the flavor goes right into the turkey and keeps it surprisingly moist, But let’s be honest. What doesn’t go well with Bacon right?? 😉



Anyone start thinking of game of thrones at the sight of this? it’s the first thought I had in mind lol! See? very moist on the inside and you can see what the bacon did to the top 🙂



Here’s the mandatory scalloped potatoes, lots of perfectly sliced potatoes peeled by my daughter and sprinkled with tons of cheese and when I say tons? I mean like an entire bag! :O



My daughter isn’t a huge fan of turkey like the rest of us, Never really enjoyed the traditional dishes. So, we we made her pork chop with beans and a few rice pandas for her to celebrate in her own way ^.^



Now, This to me is the main course heh! It’s cream puffs sitting on super thick rich chocolate, Fudge I think? with white chocolate sprinkles on top. I couldn’t wait to dig in! But, the chocolate proved to be TOO sweet and it overpowered the cream in the puffs sigh! still yummy though!



Now here’s the stocking stuffers, I think I’m good for the entire year :O would anyone like anything here? 😉


My daughter gifted her aunties and myself a box of Fererro Rocher chocolates each with envelopes and gift wraps, Inside mine was this letter. Isn’t this just the absolute sweetest? makes all my year’s struggles so worth it ^.^ Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC



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  1. OMG, Andy, that’s one of the sweetest posts ever. I was torn between salivating at the array of truly GORGEOUS food (yum, yum) and crying at your daughter’s touching letter. You’ve obviously brought her up beautifully.

    • To be absolutely honest, I was surprised and touched by my daughter’s letter. I’ve been so strict this year and we had a lot of disagreements so this is the best surprise ever to me 🙂

  2. That letter is really precious and filled with so much love, Andy! And yes – everything looks yumyum 🙂
    PS: If you are in the sharing mood, I wouldn’ t say “No” to a Toblerone… 😀

  3. Well I for one think it does fit the today’s prompt ! All the warm food and love from family is an example of warmth,if that makes sense?!
    And what a grand feast! Along with the sweets, I think leftovers from the dinner will also be enough for the whole next year ! lol

    So happy for you Andy! ❤

  4. That letter is incredible, sweeter even than the Ferrero Rocher chocolates 🙂 And you said you had nothing to post for todays prompt… if that’s not warmth, I don’t know what is 😉

  5. I’ve been eating turkey for more years than I care to admit but I have not ever seen one with a bacon ‘blanket’ such as is in your leading image! 😀 When I first saw it, before reading your first few lines, I thought – “How clever for the prompt of ‘warmth’!” All the food looks wonderful and those rice pandas – too cute! 😀 Your daughter’s letter is precious. Whoever took care of preparing the table did a fantastic job – very beautiful.


    • Thank you Lindy! 🙂 my family is very good at setting the table, even though it is constant arranging and swapping lol! you should give the bacon wrap a try sometime, makes the turkey taste absolutely amazing 🙂

      I am so blessed to have a sweet daughter, hoping I can continue to make her happy and feel loved 🙂

  6. Happy holidays to you and your family!! =) I thought I got a lot of chocolate!!!! That’s a lot o chocolate! hehe oh and those rice pandas are soooooo cute!! What do you use to make them black? I want to make some!

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  8. Thanks so much for sharing this post! I think it fits the writing prompt perfectly. The food looked warm and delicious (what a brilliant idea, those rice pandas, may have to borrow that) and your daughter’s letter was filled with warm love and appreciation. I’m going to tweet this post! Happy New Year!

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