Won’t you walk with me…


Come..Walk with me..Under the gentle falling snow..Let it land..Wherever it may..Watch..How our world is painted in a gentle shade of white..As you hold my hand..Sharing the beauty..That surrounds us..So soft..Yet..Warm as you smile to the winter light..


Copyrighted.com Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC

* What skill would I choose if I could choose?
It would be to reach into someone’s heart and
offer what they desire most.

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      • Why are they like that? In Australia it’s the same, except it’s when we have heavy downpours of rain not snow. You can aqua-plane without even trying as there’s more water than the storm-drains can cope with but it seems EVERYONE wants to drive faster, grrrr….

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