DP Prompt ~ Burning down the house!


Yep! I had to put this song up, Sorry. I just couldn’t resist lol! Let’s see, What would I take with me? well my notebooks full of drafts and journals that I wrote in my teenage years (Yep, I used to write them on my trips and on random walks) as well as my toothbrush ‘n pillows, A man’s gotta have his sleep right? now the most important items? Coffee and a phone charger as well as my photo albums of my daughter as a tot,  I don’t function until I have caffeine in my system and these photos are just simply irreplaceable. That’s the lot I can think of right now, so expect a few updates to this post lol! how about you? ^.^

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  1. LOVE IT this song, although my neighbours may not be so happy with the choice this morning as I have it pumping out of my computer whilst I dance (some may jiggle) around the house, lol! 😉

  2. thanks andy – this reminds me of my brother – I remember him asking who would write a song with these lyrics – and whew – it was played everywhere and thanks for the flashback – 🙂

  3. One of my favorite songs. 🙂 I hope I never have to make the decision about what to save and what to leave but when my brother woke up in the middle of the night with his house on fire the only thing he could save was his dog… All’s well 5 years later but wow, what a hard experience.

  4. When we lived in Arizona and the threat of wildfires was very real, I kept a list of what to quickly toss into the car and actually had a ‘grab and go’ bag prepared. With a wildfire, one typically has a little bit of lead time, depending how close it is. If the house was actually burning, I’d probably want to grab my purse, but would definitely not risk my life for it.

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