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  1. andy – what a shot- your depth depiction pulls us right in – and the bench looks el grande – also – the water drops and iron add to the mood of the shot….

      • oh man, it took me at least 6 shots to get it right because I took it with my camera phone and so the textures kept getting messed around with the low light, I must of looked like a madman to people passing by lol!

      • yeah, I get it – and I am still smiling to imagine it – and you know – this photo taking stuff just keeps us fun.
        And this is different – but relates – but when we were coming home from an event downtown, I was able to get everyone to climb on this huge concrete block under the bridge we were going unde r- and as they kinda seemed to have fun climbing up and then stood in a “tough pose” – I took the shot and later one of my sons said it was cool to see the streets from up there!
        so sometimes this snapping pictures things just gets us looking at a bench in a new angle – or gives us a a reason to climb up – look out- and maybe see a new perspective…

      • That’s the beauty of photography, You just never know what you might capture WHILE taking a photo of something else, I take a photo of ‘everything’ that catches my eye, random stuff from my inner voice telling me ‘Hey that’s neat!’ just gotta listen for it πŸ™‚

      • That is so great to do – I really need to do that more – well i do listen for it – but I think i am being stretched to just get more background stuff just in case – – For example, while looking at some old trip pics – I have one of my son sitting in this street musician’s chair playing the guy’s instrument (it was the guy’s suggestion – working for tips) and well, in my photo – nothing of that cool guy – argh. and even around here with local shots – I am trying to look at the grander scene – just in case they speak to me later – hmmmm

      • Hey andy, I am not sure if you do any other challenges besides the WPC – but you really should work with your cool bench shots for Hey Jude’s bench challenge this month –

      • Thank you! I will be visiting them now πŸ™‚ I wonder if they would mind that I linked the posts to them? don’t want to repost and spam the timeline πŸ˜€

      • well in my opinion – I do not think they mind anything (both are very polite and welcoming hostesses – ya know) but what do you mean spam the timeline?

      • yeah, that is your gentleman good nature side – but oh my goodness I do not think you would ever come close to excess -(and maybe that is because you are mindful of that!) – and your current flow now is nice – (dense, meaty posts- and or a tasty photo- either or or sometimes both – ha).

      • LOL that’s how Random I am I guess! It just make me nervous sometimes, because I am just so not a fan of this one blogger that posts an average of 6 posts back to back and I have to scroll to find new ones :O sigh lol

      • dude- I actually had to unfollow a couple of people for that very reason – and I still plan on dropping by – but they were “clogging my reader” – ha!

      • There’s this blogger..something or other ‘pink’ oh man 8 daily! i swear, 8! to be honest i’m filtering out non readers already oof

      • hahha – I hear ya – and there is one other kind of blogger that I had to stop folioing – there was one who I could tell was fabricating details – it is okay to write fiction – but when you present it as fact – or as what really happened to you that morning – I have issue with it. I did write them about it too (gently too) and just said my “BS” meter went off as I read many of his coffee shop chats – and had to unfollow for that reason –

      • Try working with someone like that, I did for a period of time and this one would ‘not’ shut up, like honestly just kept talking and talking and laying it so thick my boss had to lay him off lol

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  4. Great composition and love the angle and the way the rain drops sparkle. I found you from Jude’s bench series. Pleased to see you are going to find some more to show us.

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