DP Prompt ~ Childhood


Today’s daily prompt asks

” Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.”

Credit: google images

Childhood memory lane huh? I remember as a kid I used to have empanadas back in Chile, Every weekend after boy scout lessons my dad would take us to the beach a few miles away from the city, where there was this cute little restaurant that would make these out of a stone oven. The owner was a genius too as he would catch fresh seafood right from the ocean or he would go to a farm not far from him to buy ingredients like chicken and onions etc, What I wonder to this day still though? is how he made it all so perfectly moist! every bite of the seafood empanada was always perfect, the natural flavors made it so that there wasn’t need for much special sauces.

Now every time I go to my favorite Londsdale quay  market I would swing by a stall that sells them and I would go back to memories of childhood, I bring my daughter every so often to share stories of how things were when I was a child, There’s something about looking into her curious innocent eyes that brings so much peace to my heart 🙂

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  1. I understand the desire to share those memories with your daughter. Somehow by doing so, we make them come alive once more, don’t we? A lovely memory and a lovely description of those childhood empanadas in Chile.

  2. Gosh, Andy, this is making me hungry for this filled bread. And to eat something fresh everyday, I miss that. Keep on sharing the stories to your daughter the good old days. Good day. Back to work.

  3. This is so emotional Andy ! It would be so nice if you share your daughter’s photo any day. I can relate to this beautiful write up word by word. Though a veggie i am tempted to eat this amazing dish. 🙂

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