One sure way to surprise / shock a guest lol



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  1. that would be a distraction for sure – beautiful – but could be hard on the brain after a while….

    someone just gave me a Venice blow up poster – not quite as big – but I am so excited to find a place for it…

      • I truly will – it is very cool Andy – and in a way kind of what I needed for the treadmill room – and our next big trip is to Ital and so maybe looking at this will be a reminder to look forward to it – we are shooting for 2016 – but might be 2017 when son graduates high school – but it is worth waiting so that we can do more and actually eat at the places we want to eat! ha

      • yeah – and as you know it depends on so many things with schedules and funds and other things we sometimes have to do unexpectedly – like travel for funerals or weddings – but at least we live in a day and age where prices come down. I am not even close to booking our trip – but this is crazy – I was listening to a talk show while driving and the travel tips were that people fly into Ireland (cos it is cheeper than most other places over there) and then for the equivalent of five US dollars they can take flights to other places. five bucks? I thought it was a mistake – but I guess that flying throughout europe is way cheap – and not too comfy – like sardine feeling – but some people tour the entered area for little money – it is just the main expense ticket of getting there… but how cool, ya know? and then of course eating and sleeping. ha

        by the way, if you get a chance (and no pressure) but I just set up two polls on my Profit Quote post and was wondering if you could add your vote….

      • Wow so once you get there you have options to explore it all huh? neat! I would want to see all of Ireland and Europe on a two week period or maybe even three, though for me I’m more interested in off the beaten path, take in all the history πŸ™‚

        Okie heading right over πŸ™‚

      • well I am not sure what we will actually see – but have time to let it unfold – although I won;t fell short changed if we do not do it all – seriously, just to step foot Italy will be fine – do not have to cover the entire boot – ha! and thx for taking the poll πŸ™‚

      • G-Dawg is too funny lol! Though I have to wonder if down south that’s how they would say it? I gotta find a YouTube video now heh!

        I so want to visit Europe on foot, Unfortunately now I have even more commitments that may take me from the blogsphere once again, oof!

      • yes – it does make a difference 0 and without sounding too corny – I pray for you right now and ask that the Lord will continue to guide you in all areas – from parenting to your art photography – to your writing and then with every detail of your job – amen… and you know – I really believe that even with free will – he knows the future as clear as we know the past – and so we can take heart in his provision – and that “all things work for good” not that all; things “are” but they work for good – you know what I am saying’ g-dawg,….. ha

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