Week 1 : Essence Of Reminiscence – That Unforgettable Journey




This is a scene after I drove roughly 10+ hours from Vancouver, BC. To Newport Oregon, My friends who were visiting and I had the idea that we wanted to get as far down south as we could. With me as the only driver since they didn’t have international licenses, Now. I absolutely LOVE travelling so I figured, Hey why not! so we set out on our journey in my Toyota Yaris hatchback with no cruise control at 5am in the morning. Yes, I can see some of you giving me the sheer look of terror. Which? Is for a good reason! my Yaris had no cruise control and the roads were very bumpy, plus my GPS seemed to have had one too many because our trip ended up from 8 hours straight driving to 10+! there was a moment when I thought we were hopelessly lost as we traveled down a super steep dark winding road, we did make it in the end though and arrived at 11:00pm. Thankfully, the hotel manager at Newport was kind enough to forego the hotel cancellation time as we were there, Or maybe she saw that I looked like a zombie? But the next day we were greeted with the true beauty that Newport had to offer us.


I couldn’t believe the rock formations all along the sides of the road, here in Vancouver we got a few sights like these, sure. But these were like a look back in time. Oh, by the way if you wonder what’s up with the cloudy skies? well we went around October of 2011 so yeah not much sun, that didn’t deter me from looking around further though!


Now this is something I found really neat, houses right at the ledge. I would LOVE to wake up to a place like this, just the sounds of waves and endless horizon. Plus, no door to door sales people! being away from it all definitely has it’s perks 🙂


Sadly the lighthouse in the photo here wasn’t available for visitors at this time, But I was so looking forward to going into it just to see the horizons, You see. I am originally from Chile where we have beaches and sights like these, So this trip really reminded me of my childhood years making this a very memorable visit, I do plan on heading back down again too in the near future.



Among my favorite sights? Is this!  Every time the waves would come towards the land? they would shoot into a cavern below and spew out like a geyser up top, there was this cute couple who were so fascinated by one of the caverns that they got way too close and FWOOSH! they got sprayed before I could warn them, I ran back to the car to try and offer at least a towel but they seemed to have it covered AND they had a good laugh, I love it when there are people who can appreciate nature like i do 🙂



Oh yeah, If you ever wonder what the google maps car looks like? here you go! You don’t suppose there’s a photo of me in the car do you?  (LOL) well, I still have like 30+ photos of my trip to Oregon but this was a super memorable trip for me,  I love being this close to nature and away from the city. OH! And yes, to answer questions? my friends and i DID do a ton of shopping, Tax free! we bought so much the border guard took one look and just waved us through lol! Hope you enjoyed this post! Please visit Yuvathi and join us on our Monday prompts! She has some awesome ideas 🙂


That Unforgettable Journey

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Ps: If I had a choice of what to put on my walls, I’d post all the journeys I have been blessed with 🙂

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  1. Those waves, that house, that view… what an amazing trip this must have been! I have to admit that driving more than 8 hours in one shot is enough for this woman to be cranky and tired. Glad you made it there and back safely. Looking forward to viewing your other photos.


    • Hi! Thank you 🙂 I’ll be releasing the photos through my upcoming posts, but yeah next time I’m taking the amtrak and renting a car lol! definitely going back again 🙂

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