Wordless Wednesday ~ Small world




*The owner was pretty upset after I had taken the shot, which I couldn’t understand why. The details are amazing!

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    • Thank you πŸ™‚ on purchase though, That’s the other frustration, the artist had really cool ones, but was selling stuff that wasn’t nearly as cute and didn’t even look like his own creation at an absurdly high price, really hope he changes his way if he intends on making any money :-/

  1. That is a really cool display, Andy–thanks for sharing it at risk to yourself! I admire people who can work with small materials or on labor-intensive projects like this. I, myself, would get so frustrated by the tediousness and close-in work and detail required of my hands, for example, that I would probably give up, honestly. Good thing I didn’t become a surgeon or a seamstress or tailor, right?!

    • I have SO much respect for people with these skills and patience, SO many give up at the beginning but the artist clearly loved his work. It’s a shame though, he didn’t leave any business cards or anything for him to contact him at, Especially because I love work like this so much πŸ™‚

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