Yuvathi’s Essence Of Reminiscence – Mischiefs and Pranks


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As some of you may have guessed, I am a food addict. Not necessarily a foodie though as I don’t have the knowledge backing me up, But. I do enjoy great dishes like the one above. So, you might be wondering. What is up with the dish above? well. A year ago a friend came to visit me who bragged that she could handle more than I could on the hot pepper meter, I told her that I once won a free meal at the olive garden for handling the craziest spicy dish they had. But! Nope, She insisted a challenge. So! we went to S&W Pepper house Burnaby, where I ordered two of this dish. Loosely translated it is called  boiled sliced fish with assorted vegetables. It is essentially cod, with some seriously good red pepper ‘n spices. Further coated with bean sprouts and onions as well as yep, cabbage etc. It’s quite the mix, I asked the chef to make it the usual spiceness as it is this restaurant’s specialty. Now, what’s so prank’ish about this? well. While my friend was checking into Foursquare I walked up to the counter and asked the chef to make sure her dish was extra spicy, double the ingredients then sat back down with a smile. Within a few minutes the dishes arrived, one for me and one for her and we dug in with a great conversation like we always do. It wasn’t long before we both looked like we watched the saddest movie ever with our noses running, but even more so hers! But, hey! she said she wanted a challenge right? About 30% in though  we HAD to order rice to help our numbing tongues lol! Now, don’t judge me please, there’s nothing wrong with humor and food right? O;)


Wait what’s this? well this is the next dish after we finished the bowl, fried tofu peppers with garlic and red ‘ n green peppers. Yep, It’s got a bite and it’s THAT good! Sorry about the lousy quality of the shot, Our table had a lamp on steroids and was way too bright. SO! here’s my prank for Yuvathi’s weekly prompt, Join in? 🙂


Mischiefs And Pranks

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  1. Hi Andy. As I read your story I was hoping that the chef swapped the plates for you to have the most spicy one:-) But no, you have an ally in the chef or you pay him well: grin:

  2. Your dishes bring back memories when my husband and I lived close to the hottest Thai restaurant I’ve ever tried. You couldn’t eat the food normally, you’d have to order rice and eat the rest of the food as condiment.

  3. As I was about to guess that your dishes interchanged and you got the spicier one, the relief moment was there. You were not the one who had to pay the price to play pranks…..lol I enjoyed your story and tofu looks yum ! 🙂

    • It pays to be a good tipper AND a frequent customer lol! plus, I wanted my friend to put the money where her mouth is muahaha! 😄

      The tofu is a must, crispy and full of flavor 🙂

  4. Too funny and QUITE understand why you did it. I remember going out with friends who’d recently returned from Thailand, claiming they’d been hailed as god’s for how hot they were eating their food. So when it came time to order one of them, rather rudely might I add, demanded from our server that HIS dish be extra hot. The server did query this but once again, and quite rudely, my friend demanded his food HOT. Well, long story short, SUPER-HOT was what he got – his clothes became drenched, his voice went from squeaky to non-existence in a matter of moments, resulting in him unable to finish the meal. There was no sympathy from anyone but to his credit, he did apologize to us and more importantly the server for being such a Tosser.

    • LOL!! karma baby! don’t mess!! 😄😄 In Taiwan they have restaurants up in the mountains where farmers grow everything from scratch, peppers and spices etc and they cook hot pot stews that are SO hot and red that the meat etc becomes infused with it within minutes. I tried it once and I swear I didn’t feel my tongue for an entire day lol! But damn, was it satisfying! 😄

      • I’m sure it was brilliant, I love trying those sorts of food at least once! My friends were staying at a very “tourist” resort so don’t believe for a moment they were eating anything extraordinarily hot. No doubt they were warm but feel they were perhaps being, shall we say, “coddled” by the servers they had. But hey, good memories for us all, lol! 🙂

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