Just a reflection..


Something about this song, Reminds me of the first day that I saw my daughter compete in the super sharks meet a few years ago. I had tucked her in early the night before and made sure she had a good breakfast, Since she was going to be competing with 5 other swimming clubs. As she walked out of the change room that morning though? With her swimsuit and a blanket wrapped around her? I found myself taken away. She was 9 back then but in my eyes she was still the timid little lady with a floatie on both sides of her arms clinging on to me at first, but then gaining the confidence to kick and wave her arms about knowing I was always around. I guess as a parent we will always remember the first moments most won’t we? The entire swim meet she gave it her all, One swim after another and another never once complaining. She was a natural at it, That’s was so her though. Life hasn’t been entirely fair growing up with so many bullies and peer pressure but she’s always managed to push through, She truly gives me endless proud moments πŸ™‚

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  1. I recall those moments with my girls in the water at the lake. Before my daughter was a year old I would take her out in the water with me. Those belly laughs that come only from a child are with me to this day.
    Magical moments. Thanks for sharing.

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