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Just a reflection..


Something about this song, Reminds me of the first day that I saw my daughter compete in the super sharks meet a few years ago. I had tucked her in early the night before and made sure she had a good breakfast, Since she was going to be competing with 5 other swimming clubs. As she walked out of the change room that morning though? With her swimsuit and a blanket wrapped around her? I found myself taken away. She was 9 back then but in my eyes she was still the timid little lady with a floatie on both sides of her arms clinging on to me at first, but then gaining the confidence to kick and wave her arms about knowing I was always around. I guess as a parent we will always remember the first moments most won’t we? The entire swim meet she gave it her all, One swim after another and another never once complaining. She was a natural at it, That’s was so her though. Life hasn’t been entirely fair growing up with so many bullies and peer pressure but she’s always managed to push through, She truly gives me endless proud moments 🙂


Wordless Wednesday ~ Broken yet together as one


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A chance..



Just a chance..

To be by your side..

Watch the world..

Pass us by..

Just a chance..

To hear your voice..

As the world around us..

Comes to life..

This is all I could ask..

For the peace i search for..

Is never far..

As I see heaven in your eyes..

Every time you smile..


*This is a tricky prompt but I hope I can convey
to you the image on my mind 🙂 Registered & Protected 

Random prompt


So, You might be wondering. What’s today’s random thought about? Well, Something random indeed. Dentists, Yep! That wonderful place we go to where we are told to say AHHH and sometimes? It really IS “AHHOWW!”. I’ve said that plenty often over the years with some of the bad experiences I have had, Like the dentists who right off the bat try to convince you that you need the most expensive procedure, Or! the ones that are downright condescending to their assistants. Yep! those ones that are downright rude while you lay there listening to it all. Seriously ruins the experience altogether or just makes it overall worse, I’ve even had some receptionists AND dentists give me grief for changing an appointment. It’s like they live on another planet where everyone does as expected.

Today though, After a long stressful day at work I found myself pleasantly surprised. I arrived at a new dental place since my molar has been irritating me for the past two weeks, the filling was falling out from an appointment I did with another dentistry only 6 months ago. But, this one had good yelp reviews so I figured I’d give a try. Wow was I glad I did! I filled up the usual paperwork and was immediately led to the chair I normally dread. But, A friendly assistant with a genuine smile greeted and introduced herself and started the x-ray etc. Then the dentist came and introduced herself and I explained what had been bothering me, We immediately got the checkup started. Yep, I needed a root canal. Crap, I thought. I’m already under some financial stress. But then she gave options and scenarios, I told her to go ahead and start on the root canal. Which adds up to about 1200 bucks, Now you remember how I said some dentists are rude to their assistants? well this dentist was super patient and had a chat with myself and her assistant (Even though i was restricted to gaggle and sign language). It totally made me feel comfortable, Heck I didn’t even feel the needle of the local painkiller. It was that good! I was relaxed, Oh and the best part? the dentist is very honest because half way in she determined that I could forego the root canal and stick with a filling. Wow! How many dentists do you know that are that honest? Within 40 minutes or so she was done with the procedure and not once did I wonder what was going on, the dentist explained step by step. Which was very welcome since I have no idea what’s going on period lol!

Just comes to show that passion in one’s work and a kind honest heart goes a long ways. It’s no wonder the yelp reviews are that good and when you think about it? this rule applies to all things in life doesn’t it? kindness and honesty passes along and can be felt by everyone, Now if you’ll excuse me I am gonna try to drink tea with my chipmunk puffy face without spilling all over myself  😛

Here’s a link by the way, For Vancouver residents who would like to visit Kingsgate Dental 🙂