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Perspectives on Watermarks (and Various Methods to Protect Your Images)


I don’t know if everyone follows daily post, But this is a great article with some awesome tips, some I’m even implementing as my works continue to be lifted, so I apologize in advance for the upcoming watermark changes 🙂

The Daily Post

Photographers sharing their perspectives on watermarks:

Jeff Sinon, Jeff Sinon Photography
Mary McAvoy, The Ripest Pics
Karla Aguilar, Traveller Soul
Richard Smith Jr., Reckless Pixel
Marcus Kazmierczak,
Jen Hooks, Light Candy
Pam Kocke, Pyjammy’s {Identical} Triplets
Donncha Ă“ Caoimh, In Photos
Stephen McLeod Blythe, All My Friends Are JPEGs

Many photographers display watermarks — commonly known in the form of a visible marker such as text, a logo, or a signature — on photographs for various reasons, while others strongly prefer not to add them. Here, we’ve asked a handful of WordPress photographers their takes. You’ll read a mix of opinions from bloggers who take pictures for different reasons, their various experiences and methods, and links to other sources of information.

Like other roundups on The Daily Post that compile the best practices of bloggers, our goal is not to tell you what’s “right” or “wrong,” but to present a range of perspectives so you…

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There’s something about the title but! Still love it lol!


The only..


Like the brightest flame..My desire for her love..Burns only bright with each passing time..Endless..As I long..To feel her gentle hand..In mine..So that we may share..The dream of a world..Where the only tears we shed..Is from the joy we discover deep in our hearts..

-Andy1076 Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC

DP Prompt ~ Wandering traveler


What kind of traveler I am? Well, I don’t know how to answer to be honest, I don’t really ever plan all that much otherwise I’ll be too engrossed in timing and planning. How will I relax if I did that?

Alright alright, I’ll answer the question. I am the kind of traveler who will arrive at a destination and pick places out of the blue, If I don’t have time to see one location or if it gets cut short? I’ll try to make it to the next one. Heck, Ideally I’d rather be somewhere with no cell signal and no concrete jungles, just nature. How about you?