DP Prompt ~Land of confusion


What did I find relentlessly confusing in school? Let’s see, English I didn’t mind and science I actually had an interest. Especially when it involved the bunsen burner muahaha!! But, the one course I loathed? was Math, I swear every teacher I had sounded like a minion. Absolute gibberish, the teachers were impossible EVEN you asked them to ‘explain’ where the stupid Y suddenly went during Algebra. Oof, How about you? :mrgreen:

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  1. Other than the school layout?😩 science!!!

    I loved math until geometry…. Most teachers were REALLY cool, except for a couple. Those that let the class run amuck…. Ish 😥

    But I LOVED art, French, orchestra!!!!

  2. I used to like math until high school came along. Was a real turning point for me. So I totally get the whole “math uck” thing.
    Writing was always my favourite thing to do – so English/French all the way 😀

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