Watch “Robotic chef can cook Michelin star food in your kitchen by mimicking world’s best cooks” on YouTube


I’m all about cooking and feeling the food as I make it, But! This? in case I’m getting home late? why not 😄😄

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  1. hmmmmm, I don’t know if I have an opinion yet.

    One still has to go out and buy the food, place it on the table and clean all those broken dishes those arms dropped in the next basin. until they make robots to do those tasks.

    lol. It’s great. It’s very smart engineering. And I guess only those who can afford it one day will appreciate it, because it’s not going out and buying you fast food. It’s making food that I approve of.

  2. you really find the greatest things Andy – such great researcher – and the variety here at your blog is so nice – especially when I cam catching up – a bit of poetry and photos – with humor and tech stuff like these – muy bueno πŸ™‚

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